As you establish your new business, or expand into eCommerce to complement your 'real world' business activities,Generic Solutions brings a complete range of eCommerce solutions to help your Business . Through our solution and services you can accept credit card from your web site. A Merchant account is created through which all the global transactions will be credited into the acquiring bank and will, periodically, be brought down to your bank account wherever you wish. The Internet presents tremendous opportunities for you and your business, whether you are a budding entrepreneur looking to market and sell your great new idea or a large corporation searching for new ways to increase sales. But selling goods and services on the Internet presents its own set of challenges -- like how to set up and maintain a secure, reliable, cost-effective system for authorizing payment and managing transactions.

Payment Gateway Implementation from INNOVIS helps you and your customers to engage in an online financial transaction that is secure, real-time, scalable and flexible. It facilitates seamless online payment solutions and gives you the confidence in the underlying trust structure.

INNOVIS offers you a payment gateway to transact online business, the way you always wanted to: simple, fast, secure, affordable and complete. With Our Payment Gateways, you are open for business to ANYONE, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME regardless of geographical boundaries, contingencies and astronomical operational retailing costs. INNOVIS payment gateway services offer Indian merchants an outstanding global platform to cost effectively enter the digital economy.