If you look around, you’ll see the same thing occurring over and over again - new businesses struggling to pay thousands of dollars for their new websites and not having enough money left to promote them. Web-sites can be expensive and time-consuming affairs. Server costs, web site maintenance, and designing fees can quickly spiral out of control. And then there’s the hassle of making sure your web-site stays current. Web-sites require constant tweaking and upgrading that adds even more expense and takes more time away from your business.

But there is a better way – renting!

Renting a website is a great way to get everything you need while saving time and money. By renting, you remove the trouble, expense, and time of having design, build, and maintain your own site. With website rentals, forget about those extra costs, like hosting. When you rent a website, everything is included. Website rental has an advantage over leasing, our services come with no contract. We know that new companies need a professional web site to promote their services, but cannot always afford it. The best compromise is to rent a website.

Get Exactly What You Need when you rent a website

A successful business must be cost effective. When you rent a website from us, we can provide exactly what you need to help your business grow. Many companies will offer package deals for business that include a lot of features that either never get used or are simply too complicated. Since it is impossible to create a package that works for every business, we don’t force you to pay for a lot of extras that you don’t need and won’t use. After selecting your design, you decide what tools will be added.

Our process allows you to rent a website that can grow to suit the needs of your business. You will be amazed at how flexible your website rental is.

Start renting now and we'll take your business to the next level!