What is search engine optimization?

Search Engine Optimization services (SEO) are a set of practices and tools which help draw traffic to your website by placing it on the top pages of the major search engines. The process of search engine optimization aims at making your website more readable for the search engine spiders so all the relevant data on the site is more easily cataloged and recoverable. Additionally your website is submitted to useful directories which are subject and region specific. An exchange of links between your sites and other related websites is also conducted as this also increases the way search engines rank sites on the basis of certain specific criteria.

The vast majority of Internet users find new web sites by using search engines . A position within the top 20 listings of a major search engine tremendously increases traffic to a web site.

Search engine optimization , also known as placement and positioning, is the process of optimizing and promoting a website over the Internet for top rankings in search engines . Website optimization , thus, is the process of improving a web site so that it tallies with search engines algorithms and thus stands a higher chance of quicker indexing and higher rankings.

It's low-cost! Online advertising, such as banner campaigns, can be quite expensive. Search engine placement , on the other hand, can be a low-cost process. Although some search engines have "pay-per-click" programs and paid submissions, there's no reason why one can't significantly increase one's site's traffic by simply understanding and applying optimization strategy.

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